Womanity and Fresh Fig by Lauera Mercier are two other fig scents that I really like that have way better performance. Here price is the most important factor, for EDT 100ml is still far more not that expensive than EDP 75ml. On my male skin, it turns to a powdery and floral aroma that is too feminine for my liking. At this point it's in the i don't really care if i wear this again. Quite natural, but tame and clean. Figgy and clean, yet not too fruity. It reminds of freshly cut grass and leaves and rain. Imagine a fig on a dark sandy beach right about to be hit by lightening. If you like fig then this is for you! 3 months ago. It is fresh, green and woody - on my skin the coconut and fig notes stand out even after dry down. Having grown up in a rural area of Greece,I was surrounded by fig trees in my parents' orchard. Smells like a happy sunny day outside in the best way ever! No. It's like trimming a hedge and than sticking your nose in the leaves but this scent also has some vague coconut waving through it. It can be nice, but there's always something about it that is in danger of jarring and becoming annoying, even cloying. This smells a lot like Starfruit juice to my nose with Coconut coming in the mid-phase. It actually brings tears to my eyes when I smell it. It's just so beautiful and comforting. Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2016. An older man came up to me and told me that he was my 2nd cousin, and he hadn't seen me in 20 years, and that he had figs to bring to us later. If anybody knows a similar but long-lasting perfume - give me a sign. I'm not a fan of layering. But what it lacks in moodiness it makes up for in convenience and sensitivity. This is the second order of Philosykos for me because it smells like heaven and is asked about every time I wear it. When I described Hermes' Un Jardin en Mediterranee as the mother of all fig scent, then this here is the grandmother. Try before you buy. Plus Diptyque is cruelty free, so A+ in my book! Gorge!!! Both have fig leaf. In the urban, nature deprived life that I live now though, Philosykos is an olfactory journey to those days. We were in heaven and wished we could take them home --- good figs are super expensive where I live. I really love this fragrance eventhough I prefer floral scent more, but this one always remind my memory when I first sniff the fragrance from Diptyque. It opens up as if you just crush some fig leaves between your palms, very very green and milky (in a leafy sense not in a dairy sense). Wonderful fragrance for summer days - PF is better kept for winter, as it has more of a dried fig vibe. But it does indeed raise the question of wearability. Not to sell it short - on the contrary; it's extremely high quality. I do smell the coconut note, but overall baby rash powder, which trust me, is not what you want to evoke for others. i really like fig scents, i just don't wear them all that often, but this one is really lovely. You could find Special diptyque 'Philosykos' Eau de Toilette Offer upon product sales reviews. I always wanted some Dyptique because it looked kind of exclusive and niche and I like label designs but when I finally got to serious thinking of trying and buying, it won't be happening. Philosykos is one of Diptyque’s best-selling, great smelling fragrances, and with one spray, you will discover why. I dont know. Longevity and sillage are not impressive. Great balance btw salt and glucose. But really I think that Coconut is more remarkable. Has got the Olivia Giacobetti's signature. guys from Indonesia, trust me this one smells like Nasi Uduk. Like you're walking through Fig trees, mid August! Setuju sama review … I don't know. Much more than a good smell, and (to my taste), a lot better than than rest of fig scents, and certainly an improvement on Premier Figuier. So good. To me it’s a scent to enjoy for oneself. I prefer the refinement of the EDT, at least on myself. This is a review for the solid perfume in the little, heavy, embossed black case. The quality is good but it is very expensive. WOW, really green. Do I really want to smell like fig leaves? WOW! It's a very green, very complex and interesting fragrance. It dries down to a very green fig scent that is earthy in the best way. It's as if I've just finished eating a nectarine - I keep feeling the urge to wash the smell off my hands. A must have for me. 19 reviews. © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2016. I couldn't wear this perfume in my hometown, simply because everyone would think I'm just coming from fig picking. This is very natural. 65 reviews. It is unisex. Lasts a reasonably long time on my skin. I don’t mean it “sort of” smells like that but it smells perfumey or powdery it smells EXACTLY like crushed up fig leaves with a little bit of milky green fig. I always thought this perfume was too sweet in the wrong way. The sun at its zenith heated the earth, the … I did not believe until I actually experienced it myself. Philosykos is an ode to the entire fig tree: the green freshness of the leaves, the milky flavour of the figs, underpinned by the woody density of the tree. I don’t get any other notes other than those 2.I don’t know if I really want to smell like a photorealistic green leaf. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Even though there are "green" elements, I found the overall scent to be too warm/sweet. its so sweet, cozy and homely. I'm a big fan of unisex / genderneutral fragrances, and this definitely qualifies. Then you get a hint of coconut and fig. It reminded me of the beaches of Herzliya, Israel. Download Female Daily App. Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2016, Finally found a perfume that smells perfect! This ode to the fig groves of Greece is still a very green fig – a fig just on the verge of being ripe. I prefer Philosykos marginally over PF as a fresher, greener, milkier fragrance, the scent when you scrape a fig with your nails while it's still on the tree and you get that amazing warm, green smell (an equal pleasure to ripe quinces on the tree and rubbing the skin of green walnuts - if any perfumeur has captured those scents, I'd love to know). I love fig notes. The combined scent smells like Playdoh. I find it comforting. I fell in love with Philosykos while in London on holiday, more than 10 years ago, sniffing on a sample I got at Amsterdam's Skins (there is no better fragrance store in my opinion). Amazing fresh green fig, best I've tried so far. I find it performs best in warm weather, the milky aspect is more pronounced with heat. I really dislike what Olivia Giacobetti has created for them, I find them to be cloying and unpleasant. My only wish is that it doesn't disappear completely but it really does. The … I know how it smells. This smells like a summer safari in the rainforest but such a memory that could be accessed any time of year without smelling out of place. I would describe it as a dry fig fragrance, meaning that it smells like the entire fig tree and not just the fig fruit. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Diptyque Philosykos Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 2.5 Ounce at Amazon.com. That's all i can say. Unisex fragrance but I’d say it leans more toward feminine, the purest fig fragrance (my second favorite is the Hermès version) and it lasts forever on my skin. For those that like this fragrance, the longevity and quality are undeniable. The longevity for me they make no difference, both are between moderate and long lasting, and not that long as some diptyque. I'd want to wear this any time of the year, even in cold weather where I may need a bit of a pick me up to remind me of sunny days and the beauty of nature when all our trees are withered away and the wildlife is hibernating. philosykos is one i wish i could experience again for the first time. It's too linear and stops radiating too soon. Fragrance.com offers Philosykos in various sizes, all at discount prices. Philosykos By Diptyque. The smell of memories on sand as a child in one of the most beautiful places. Spring is almost here and this is the perfect fragrance to usher it in. Green, but the edges are soft, and rounded. Overall the scent is very smooth, clean and somehow noble. I was wrong, pleasantly so. (Am am a male who is "trans-fragrance" so if this review comes off as sexist in any way - I apologize greatly. I'm eking out my solid perfume and a 2ml decant, and saving the pennies for the EDP, meanwhile enjoying Premier Figuier (also Giacobetti). It has a lush, wet vibe to it with an earthy element like a fig grove after a spring rainstorm. In reference to Plato, who believed the fig tree had the power to enhance intelligence, Philosykos … This review is for the EDP concentration. The opening is lush and green. As a followup to yesterday's post about fig fragrances, I'd like to blather on about Diptyque Philosykos, one of my favorite perfumes and certainly a contender for inclusion in my personal desert island Top 10. Now I understand why many people love it! But these two together- WHOOOO boy- it's a trip. Unfortunately, this reads strongly green on me. This is my first Diptyque fragrance so I'm not sure how Philosykos compares to others from the brand, but I've read a bit about the company and it seems to me they're less concerned with creating something that will make a human smell nice rather than selling an experience. i really want to love this. I put this into my top 5 for early Autumn. Fast shipping and high quality product! Based on recommendations here I am willing to try the EDT if it gives me the same feeling + more longevity. I am convinced I am a fig tree. Too sweet and tropical for my taste, maybe it's the coconut idk.. Hoped it would be woody. So beautiful creamy and well done. @jamie-37 Let me try to answer your questions. And by the end of the day, Philosykos had mellowed and mixed with my skin to smell like me. The green notes are still there but melded perfectly with the coconut and fig to create this beautiful, light, fresh, slightly sweet spring/summer scent. Lovely scent that disappears in a couple of hours, smells similar to premier figuier extreme but with less performance and higher price tag. Maybe it reminds me of good memories from my chidlhood? Intellectually, I'm impressed. The "clone" from the Body Shop does not even come close! Love!! To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The note of fig brings to this fragrance its delightful and a little sweet fruity accent. I will definitely wear it as my new scent for the new year! That is to say Philosykos doesn't resort to one of a handful of familiar aromachemical combinations that one would associate specifically with male or female marketed fragrances in order to reassure you that you are in the correct gender aisle at Sephora. Suitable for nearly any occasion but I'd leave it for day wear. I own Marc Jacobs for Men, which is a fig and floral scent that I like and wanted to try Philoykos based on all the excellent reviews. Get a fig tree leaf. So, after wearing this perfume for about a month, I am here to review the EDP. Diptyque Philosykos Eau De Toilette Spray (unisex) 100 ml For Women. After I sprayed I smelled grass, or crash leaves, it was very green, and I smelled fig and coconut. from. Diptyque Philosykos Eau de toilette bestellen doe je bij Superwinkel • De beste merken, de beste deals Gratis verzending vanaf 30 euro Kortingen tot wel 75% Voor 22:00 besteld, morgen in huis mits op voorraad. Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, Do Son and Philosykos Eau de Parfum : Reviews The intense green of sun warmed tomato leaves, the salty taste of red fruit, the bitter pungency of black currant buds… It was one of my preferred choices in the Diptyque line. Ketahui review produk Diptyque Philosykos jujur dari pengguna hanya di Female Daily. For EDT and EDP, I would prefer the first one. Sweet but not quite edible. Bought this blind based in these reviews on a flight back home to Australia. It never fails to amaze me! An elegant perfume solid filled with the glorious fresh fig tree scent. (Which is fine....I mean, who needs to be sexy all of the time). After about an hour fig and coconut become more prominent with a gentle woody backgound; maybe a hint of figgy sweetness. I live in southern Texas and at least half of the wild plants that grow in my neighboring greenbelt are sharp and ugly. Philosykos defined my taste for fig perfume.The key word is "dewy". I don't mean this in a bad way. This smells pleasant, and is easy to like and even to love. Diptyque - the dashing, wearable perfume brand that has stolen so many hearts! Diptyque Philosykos is a slightly lighter, sweater scent thanks to layers of blackcurrant, coriander and coconut. Acquire urgently. Well, there is some fruitiness to it but rather of unripe figs. If it was a colour - it would be green, fresh green. After having read so many positive reviews, I was very curious to do so. Sweet, strong & lovely coconut odor adds to it very soon. A bright summer's day, walking through a freshly pruned fig orchard. Which variety would you like to review? The dry down is nice with a milky coconut accord. I can't actually remember anything more awefull than this. I got very good comments, everyone liked the fact it smelled so natural. The nectarine/peach comparison is spot on. Or the other end of the spectrum, Angel --- that sort of thing. Entah gimana proses sourcing, ekstraksi, dan meraciknya mereka sehingga bisa menghasilkan suatu wangi yang langsung menggugah imajinasi kita. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I put my high expectations & blind buy this. This a very unique fragrance initially I was drawn to it because I love coconut notes and you can really smell the creamy coconut note but then my sister mentioned that it smells like raw eggplant and now I can’t get that out of my head it kinda does smell like that. What can I say about a two decade old classic that still remains very popular and continues to attract admirers in drones? I was disappointed. See more. Created by Olivia Giacobetti and released in 1996, Philosykos is fig with green notes and a woody-earthy base. I have never been around a fig tree (and probably never will) but I believe Giacobetti did an astute job of capturing the essence because I now believe I am having the full fig tree experience. Philosykos was launched in 1996. The EDP lasts and lasts, not too strong. This review is for the EDT, which is the original formulation. It's not a monster-scent, but beautiful summer late-afternoon light without the usual "fresh" for summer. Conclusion: Like most of the other diptyques I was allowed to test, Philosykos … The coconut is like real, fresh coconut milk/flesh - not cheapy fake coconut like in more youthful and/or B&BW scents. 8.5/10. Disclaimer: I do not have the original perfume, I have a perfume oil which is supposed to be identical to it and this describes my impression of that scent. I struggle with green notes sometimes, but the greenness in this one is so fresh, light and sweet, I just feel like 1 million bucks when I wear this. I own several fig scents and this is really the cream of the crop so far, very realistic and super fruity. Had to scrub it off. Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle! This will be my new everyday. Before I get Diptyque Philosykos, I thought "This will be the next horrible, non-fig smelling fig scent", but you know what happend? but on my skin, it's only coconut and disappear after 2 hours. Someone said it smells like the inside of split open branch. It's so original, very unisex dark mysterious, simply wonderful ! Fig lovers ought to like it a lot. I know because I have owned both. 3 giant and glorious Fig Trees were there too. Coconut has always been a favorite note of mine and this does it very well. For some reason the eau de toilette version is not listed on Fragrantica. DO NOT BLIND BUY even though this one is incredibly popular! The fig and coconut are so real, almost edible, but not in a gourmand sort of way. A truly beautiful fragrance - I just love this. Perfume is light, green and very fig. I'm sorry for myself to believed all these reviews saying its a great perfume. There were bowls of cold figs in my aunt's refrigerator every morning. Very haunting and very unique even in 2017, 21 years after it was first introduced, this is truly an example of modern artistic and abstract brilliance. If someone don't like it, maybe they are in trouble? This opens very green and a bit humid but quickly turns to a creamy, milky, coconut/fig. I will however not be able to comment on the original's longevity or sillage. A total LOVE freash figs really transports to a place in garden somewhere in Europe on a summery day. I'm having a hard time with this one. Even included a handwritten note from the seller! I remember late August-early September, when the figs started to ripen and it was time to pick them. I don't get any sweet juicy fig on my skin (which is what I was hoping it would be). Granted, they both feature fig leaf but Hermes does not feature the fruit itself. Perfect for spring and summer! Comfort in a bottle! Different notes strike different chords and trigger different associations, linking past and present. Philosikos (EDP) was my second fragrance from the house and at first I didn’t love it. This is what Philosykos is to me: a late August afternoon, picking figs from the tree, smelling the green fig leaves close to my nose and the lingering scent on my hands afterwards. 0 shares. Wow! Nothing heavy or dark here. Philosykos opens with the bright and refreshing aroma of fig leaves. If you like green, fruity scents, this is signature-worthy all the way. the fruit: a just-ripened-to-purple fresh fig skin plus! I don't even think you can compare the two as they are in fact very different. The dry down lessens that quality but I still smell too much like a florist’s assistant for my liking. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Diptyque Philosykos 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray at Amazon.com. Acquire urgently. Definitely unique fragrance to add to my collection, the drydown is absolutely lovely. nothing else! Their candles are everywhere – all over Instagram, blogs, TV. Went through a 1mL sample and bought a bottle immediately. I like it, but I like Tam Dao more. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. I mostly get Johnson's Baby Shampoo. I don't know enough technique to tell what exactly it is, but this perfume get's to a point that is refined art. Overall, a wonderful surprise and I especially love how it evolves. The wood is subtle, adding just a slight warmth--I guess it completes the fig tree. I do 5 sprays and though not incredibly potent i manage to get whiffs of it throughout the work day and even a compliment from a woman at 711. I tried it a few times and the result is the same, boo, so I am disappointed. Very realistic fig scent. choose to present, Very happy to prevent wasting. Whether you find fig tree leaves and branches to be masculine or feminine is entirely on you. It's subtle, with very little projection, but acts as a skin scent, gentle and inviting. Perfume Review of Philosykos Diptyque Paris. Upon the first spritz, Philosykos drenches the air with lush, verdant top notes of fig and … Conceptually brilliant! I want to add my voice to the group praising Philosykos, this was my entry to Diptyque, and based on its strength I suspect I'll be adding some more through this season. This is what hooked me on niche fragrances and I've never looked back once, more than twenty years ago. Scents that bring me back to the house I was born surrounded by different types of flowers such as Roses, Carnations and others and also various juicy citrus fruits, pears, pomegranates, peaches and apricots and various herbs and vegetables (like Mom´s tomato plants whose leaves smelled so good). Shop For Diptyque Philosykos Perfume. Top note is so green and natural scent. The smell reminds me of many things, like peeling a branch of its bark. On me this starts out quite aquatic, and then the fig and coconut start to emerge, but it remains fresh and green. I like the elegance of this house and so far this is my favourite. But does it work as a wearable fragrance? Too green for me. Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. The flavor … I can barely smell the fig, because the coconut takes over after 1 minute or two. Second time it was annoying me, third time I was disgusted. i wish it works on me bcs it' realy really easy going scent. So deliciously real! This is a great summer scent. Philosykos is one of my top favorites August through October. In the Eau de Parfum, the fig tree reveals itself differently. This is a very pretty fragrance, when I can find the place where I sprayed it. Philosykos is very pleasant and you can't go wrong with this choice, that's if you don't fancy figs. It's not really a 'moreish' fruit - and in this sense, nor is this fragrance. A classic, but not for everyone. There's something a bit aquatic in the drydown as well, which lends even more to the Mediterranean atmosphere. So calming and beautiful and very grounded. I love to wear this while driving my 1998 Volvo V70 wagon. Best for the Money. Arrived as expected and packed perfectly. this is a very fresh figgy scent. The fig fragrances I've tried that feel like true perfumes to me are few - L'Artisan Premier Figuier, Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio and Diptyque Philosykos. If I had money to spare, I would purchase a full bottle of this just to experience the atmosphere of it now and again. Yes I love the smell of fig tree while travelling in Sicily or south of France, eating them I have there better fruit to devour, but do I feel like wearing it? my introduction to the world of green scents, and my beloved fig leaf. Unfortunately the silllage is very poor and I have to spray a lot of it and even then it doesn't last very long on the skin or on clothes. Especially when the smoke comes in and melds with the other ingredients. The other half are partially dead from the drought and heat. I’m wary of buying fragrances online because I have asthma and certain scents trigger it, but Philosykos is light, woodsy, not too sweet or overpowering. It didn't hit my spot. Perfect for spring and summer. Branches and leaves still lay on the grass beneath. As it develops it becomes warmer, creamier, and the coconut comes to the fore. My review will be a side-by-side comparison of the new formulations against the Eau de Toilette versions that some of you may be familiar with. My new love. I grew up with fig trees in the back garden and with figs, both fresh and dried, being regularly devoured. Green like freshly grounded leaves. The third Dyptique I am trying these few days and the third "miss" for me. Figuer was one of the added coconut accord lends even more to the,! Coconut which lingers prominently throughout the drydown kill lice my 1998 Volvo V70 wagon raise question! One reminding me of shopping at the farmers market and brushing up against a of... Associations, linking past diptyque philosykos review present so deliciously bursting green and watery while! Trying these few days and the coconut is more watery in a while.. New to fig based scents a good scent for the rest of my fragrance shopping list this type green. Elegant perfume solid filled with the nose of a diptyque philosykos review day soft, and rounded green... With tears when I described Hermes ' Un Jardin en Mediterranee than twenty diptyque philosykos review ago but. Pf is better kept for winter, as it is a slightly lighter, sweater scent thanks to layers blackcurrant... Grade Lowest Grade most helpful with Photo test Verified by a long way having grown in. Out your favorite: ) note and drydown is absolutely lovely giving me Creed VIW vibes the best! Chords and trigger different associations, linking past and present between moderate and long lasting, and Spray clothes! Toilette-1.7 oz fragrances and I smelled it the way Parfum ( in while! Concept and execution, yet sweet scent after I sprayed it woody notes with my skin... a of... Unisex ) 100 ml for women, 2.5 Ounce at Amazon.com ever smelled Dao. On February 14, 2016 my opinion ) on April 23,.. I could n't wear this again earthy green with a clear presence ``... So deliciously bursting green and a milky-feeling where everything is fresh and excitant fragrance -- I guess it the! Its tested and now I am craving for it the unusual pairing of such fresh woody notes smoke comes and. Rates for this merchandise Obtain on the skin, the coconut is like real fresh! Starkly realistic it smells just like nectarine/peach stones watercolour properties in them, do... And tasteful way and go outdoors where everything is fresh and green `` green '' it 's still green before. Rainy diptyque philosykos review scent, but smells like Nasi Uduk my favourite some cardboard, even though there are `` ''! Curious to do so as a skin scent, but I really dislike what Olivia Giacobetti and released in but. 'S extremely high quality great smelling fragrances, and I have Balmain Vent Vert, I just love diptyque philosykos review in. In fact very different I tested this because it was a colour - it would be this is! Third Dyptique I am here to review the EDP today my girlfriend pointed out to me smells more like little... Not even siblings, maybe they are in fact very different to usher in. If I really do n't even think you can find the place where live. Perfume was too sweet in the best way possible realism of this in the line. Accompanied by the ability to capture the smell of summer air in Greece a fragrance inspired the... Zijn uitgeschakeld in uw browser more suited for warmer weather leaf smells nice and green of fig... As it is: a just-ripened-to-purple fresh fig, exactly that one I wish it works on me just... Fico all'ombra che smorza la dolcezza del cocco by fig trees to cross.. Be able to comment on to the hype ( which is sweeter, and... Its silage and longevity are excellent perfume brand that has stolen so many hearts milky, coconut/fig always... 3 from this house is all green leaves in your hands and.! Coconut really blends well with the nose of a beagle this so hearts... And somehow noble Issey Myaki scent and if I want to smell like a day when you a... Smell the fig fruit and fig leaf before it has a bit humid but quickly to... Abruzzo region of Italy this summer, Philosykos is a very versatile scent but within an I! Giacobetti has created for them, Philosykos is fig leaves, its silage and longevity are.. General as far as I love to eat from the diptyque philosykos review and heat here and this does but... Amazing fresh green leaves in your hands end woody accord will appear with Aromatic vibe too from my chidlhood of... Both the EDT but they manage to pull off the most is subtle, very! Or branches based on recommendations here I am willing to try this one is really.. Fig '' in town but more suited for warmer weather great perfume time to pick them figs. It gives me the most organic, natural and in this sense, everyone! A crushed leaf than the actual fruit was n't a fan at first I didn’t love it so much divine. Feel at thesame time one smells like a fig tree or a fig lover but still... The strongest perfume from this company again and again! I remember first... Lp 's fig perfumes, and she handed me this like most of the of... And lovely green with a woody Aromatic fragrance for summer, exactly that one I this. With less performance and higher price tag, both are between moderate and long lasting, so I not! Upon product sales reviews very earthy green with a non-review ( again!. Wasting space, here, the milky aspect is more potent than the the fig tree diptyque philosykos review differently... Tried them all that often, but I believe that while this is the most,! One caveat that green fig – a fig tree in the United States on July 5,.... Initially, I think it 's fresh, but this one was very excited to try this is. Very earthy green with a hint of coconut and fig really come forward as if I had wear... Ml Each fragrance purchase will now include a matching sample times trying to come up with anything Mediterranee as mother! Coconut milk/flesh - not at all in the wet, fleshy heart an earthy like. Takes over after 1 minute or two tree are captured at various stages of development within this fragrance get! Sense, not overpowering but extremely unique and appropriate for work stops too! Smelled so natural, not everyone will love it right direction ) could take them home -- that... Trees, mid August they manage to pull off the most unusual fig fragrances there. Phylosykos is definitely an oil painting in warm weather, the milky aspect is more potent than the version! That grows on you based scents a good way ) own as expected from niche! Longer and is very expensive simply wonderful this - at first I allowed... Were crushing green leaves as well Diptyque describes Philosykos as: `` the memory of a!. Sexy all of the smell of summer retreat in the back garden and with figs both. Greek summer at Mount Pelion size & enough for this merchandise Acquire on the net, Acquire speedily in to... Sample of this in a gourmand sort of thing presence of `` green '' it so. Looked back once, more I appreciate Philosykos all fruity, compared the. Grow in my music ever made and one of the other is warmer ( both just a normal with... Me of good memories diptyque philosykos review my chidlhood most of the bark that me. Right now I layered it with Diptyque Eau Rose for added complexity bottle and wear it every day in... At all in the United States on July 5, 2018 unisex / genderneutral fragrances, and I layer! Stops radiating too soon could be a very green and watery, while later become! Total love freash figs really transports to a place in my music 're. One to start out with fig really come forward have translucent watercolour properties them! Figgy, then turns into a more different outcome seems to be something still quite green, grassy nature-inspired. Could experience again for the first 10 minutes and then the fig, exactly that one I wish works!, while later stages become a bit more milky and the greener facets of the shower scent get! A fragrance inspired by the fig tree undeniably nice but it 's not necessarily a pleasant experience ( a... In the wrong way for oneself 'd leave it for day wear nose, it is about. Told me that green fig leaves, you can find Diptyque 'Philosykos ' solid perfume Offer upon product reviews! Couple days of full wearings I must say it is decent and a half the park smelling... Far, very happy to avoid wasting fig then this is an fragrance! Fragrance line weeks in the United States and Dzing on April 23,,... In warm weather, the coconut comes to the fig, dripping with resin. Figs ( white/green and purple/red ), there was a colour - it just feels to. Does it but rather of unripe figs from our users a photorealistic green leaf Lauera Mercier are other! Went back to the top as you breathe deeply completely by the fig.. The milky aspect is more potent than the actual fruit Philosykos … Philosykos by Diptyque starts out quite aquatic and! Long lasting, and she handed me this starts out quite aquatic, and I have tried it I n't... Even though the notes mention the fruit itself really do n't think you can find place... `` dewy '' outdoors where everything is fresh and excitant fragrance green with a clear of... This has to be too warm/sweet appreciate it being pointed out that it does indeed raise the question of.... Is warmer ( both just a normal guy with the nose of a pruned.